Coffee Cup Readings Mountain Meaning 2

Today's Coffee Reading

Meaning 2:


The Universe is telling you that you will be climbing mountains in your life right now. Achieving your personal goals will not be easy for the moment. You will have to go the extra mile and put more inhuman effort into things before you attain success. Your career and money may not be going so well. Try to resolve it by changing some of your work habits, and by fixing your outer circumstances that keep on pulling you down. Having tact and good problem solving skills will be needed at this point. In your romance and relationships, there will be major inconveniences also.

You may not get noticed or be ignored by others if you are still single, or you may have surprise issues about personal problems if you are already have a partner. Exert extra kindness and patience for now, you will need it to get the good side of others and to be of help to them during this difficult period. Overcoming bad habits or existing health problems will be an important matter to resolve. Hard changes to your personal routine and some stern advice from your doctor can be great at this trying time. 

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