Coffee Cup Readings Mountain Meaning 3

Today's Coffee Reading

Meaning 3:


Obstacles stand before you like a big mountain. Attaining your goals today will be quite tough. It will be a hard climb to the top. Some people or circumstances may ruin your career and financial plans. Try to be more firm and to assert what you want, especially if you feel that you are being treated unfairly. Get the assistance of people who care about your interests. You will need their help to climb over this one.

Your relationships can be rocky right now. Unfortunate circumstances may prevent you from going out and connecting with other people, and especially with those in your inner circle. Be opportunistic, and grab the chance to take care of your social needs when you can. Existing health problems and negative thoughts may prevent you from living your day to the full, and so you must make some efforts in boosting your morale and improving your wellbeing in order to rise above what is blocking you.

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