Coffee Cup Readings

Today's Coffee Reading

Meaning 1:


Your life, in general, is in a very stable state. All things are just right for you. This is a goldilocks moment for you that very few get to experience. There will be very few inconveniences and problems that will pop up during this period. Your money and career will have no major changes or upheavals, so it is perfectly fine to relax and do the bare minimum. Romantic relationships and any other interactions you have will be smooth.

There will be very casual moments you can enjoy with the people in your inner circle. Any emergencies regarding your wellbeing and personal safety will not bother you, too, so calm down! The Universe is not out there to harm or kill you today, so it is a fine time to go outside and see the world. The ground is not shaking under your feet. Life is not interested in sending you unpleasant surprises for now.  

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