Crimson 1 Wealth

Crimson 1

A Crimson Aura person may approach their career with renewed vigor since they tend to be enthusiastic about the job that they want. They focused on their goals with their career growth since they love to focus on their self-growth more, however they can be loyal to their job if it suits well for their traits which are being a team player to their colleagues. The ideal job for them is to be a responsible leader such as a manager, supervisor, or director since their leadership skills help the whole team to function and it is a great achievement for them if their own team is performing well especially when it is one of the top teams in the company.

Although the hard part of working with a crimson aura person is that they tend to be too competitive to the point that they will drag others down as much as they can since they are desperate to achieve the top position of the performance list and by that, it may get unhealthy with the teammates since they will be too blunt and mean with their words that may affect on others and when things get out of hand, their frustration will turn into a rage which can be toxic towards the people around them. 

In order to get back on their track once again, they must face that there are things that may not go as planned as they wanted to be, however there are better opportunities ahead for them to grasp when the time comes and they need to be more patient with their growth on the career path. They need to control their emotions, and if it gets out of hand, it is highly recommended that they seek therapy to be guided to control their emotions. 

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