Crimson 2 Health

Crimson 2

Their body, especially the spinal cord, is their primary chakra wherein they love to express their feelings and passion towards activity to their work, hobbies, self-growth, love, etc by being physically active. It is crucial for the crimson aura person to take care of their bodies inside and out since if they have neglected themselves, they are likely to be prone to have a weakened immune system which leads to overfatigue, and irregular bowel movement due to stressed eating that can also lead to weight changes. To take care of their physical self, they should have an exercise routine for them to follow every day and also have a rest day so they would not overexert their body. Other than being physically active, they must have the right diet for their body, especially eating enough fruits and vegetables to have regular bowel movements.

When it comes to mental health, the crimson aura people may be stubborn to accept their mistakes based on emotions, especially when in rage however they must face the fact that their actions may cause harm to others and themselves which is important to seek therapy sessions or attending social groups relating to his mental health concern for them to share their experience and seeking enough advice from other people on how they can manage their emotions

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