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What are Apache Tears, and why do they exist?

Apache Tears is a unique black Obsidian type that crystallized as little, indented stones. It’s also known as Obsidianite and Marekanite. When water was absorbed during the cooling of silica-rich lava contained in the high-water-content mineral Perlite, volcanic glass was formed; volcanic glass is formed when water is absorbed during the cooling of lava.
Apache Tear is a kind of obsidian with properties comparable to Black Obsidian, but with a softer impact. It’s a volcanic, spherical vitreous stone that’s generally black or smoky in color. When held up to the light, it seems opaque at first, but when held up to the light, it turns transparent.


Meaning of Apache Tears

Apache Tear’s black obsidian is a milder variant of black obsidian. It’s ideal for children and their more delicate energy. Negative energy is absorbed, protecting your energy field. It forges a strong connection between your root chakra and Mother Earth, providing a stable, grounding energy. This is a fantastic stone to use when you need comfort or are grieving. Apache tears are spirituals made of volcanic glass. The energy of this stone encourages fearlessness in the face of peril and a warrior’s stance. It also protects and grounds you by connecting you to your inner sources and guidance.


Apache Tears Have Healing Properties

Apache Tear is a potent stone for growth and development. It helps with forgiving, spontaneity, and removing self-limiting beliefs. It is good for one’s emotions and emotional balance. It calms pain by encouraging you to weep in times of despair, particularly suppressed tears. Apache Tears have a special affinity for the bereaved and grief-stricken, in addition to all of the attributes frequently linked with Obsidian in all of its forms. It also has a much gentler vibration than other types of Black Obsidian.

Apache Tears have a strong emotional-healing ability. These natural jewels provide comfort and assist in the healing of sorrow. They do, however, offer a warmer aura than some of the other Obsidian forms, putting you at ease. They’re a kind of Black Obsidian that hasn’t been tampered with in any manner. Maybe it’s their weird out-of-shape appearance that makes you feel better when you’re upset. They are strong stones for anchoring and protection, as well as removing negative emotions that may be holding you back.

Apache Tears are a kind of clothing that is worn by Apaches.

A protective and powerful symbol is an arrowhead worn around the neck. Apache tear is a kind of black obsidian with a softer texture than regular black obsidian. Aura protection and negative energy absorption are both great.

Black Obsidian is a powerful and creative stone with incredible healing properties. It’s known for being a protective stone that shields the bearer from negative energy. Obsidian cleanses the wearer of resentments, rage, and fear, leaving them feeling free, present, and at ease.


 Apache Tears at Work and at Home

If you want to improve your financial situation, the best way to use Apache Tears is to use its calming and healing properties. It eliminates negativity from the environment and your aura, enabling you to have more fulfilling interpersonal connections while also boosting self-confidence and self-belief. If you want to increase your wages by asking for a raise at work or establishing your own company, these qualities will come in helpful.


Apache Tears for Meditation

Never be scared to leave a task or project unfinished if it’s the right thing to do. Apache Tears may be used in meditation or simply some quiet thinking time if you feel what you’ve invested your time, money, and energy to isn’t worth it.

It may help you be more selective and stop if that is the right course of action for you. Sit in a seated meditation posture with the Apache Tear in your less dominant hand to absorb the energy of the Apache Tear. For support, feel the sofa or the floor underneath you.

Chakras and Apache Tears

When we’re just focusing about our higher Chakras, Apache Tears’ powerful anchoring impact may help us return our spiritual energy to the earth. It does so by supporting us in linking our spiritual experiences with our physical bodies, resulting in a sense of equilibrium. Apart from these lower chakras, the apache tears have particular vibrations that connect with the heart chakra, despite being darker in hue than other well-known stones for the heart. The apache tears give gentle emotional healing by clearing the heart chakra of unwanted vibrations and imbalances. Apache Tears are special in that they have a connection to the Heart Chakra. The heart is awakened, and good energy is released into the surroundings, infusing it with compassion, love, and kindness.


Shapes & Forms of Apache Tears

The Apache tribal women, according to folklore, wept day and night for about a month after realizing they had lost their fathers, husbands, and children in such a horrific manner. When their tears fell to the ground, they formed the oval-shaped stones known as Apache Tears. As a consequence, folklore has it that anybody who possesses or carries a piece of this stone will never have to cry again since the Apache ladies shed enough tears for everyone who is grieving.


Origin of Apache Tears

The term “Apache Tears” comes from a terrible story occurring at the American Indian War’s peak. Between the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1870s, there existed a heated rivalry. Cavalry and around 75 members of the Apache tribe. This combat took place on a ridge in Superior, Arizona today.

Birthstone and Zodiac Sign of Apache Tears

Although Apache Tear is not a traditional birthstone for a certain month or zodiac sign, it is often connected with the Sun sign of Sagittarius (Nov 22 to Dec 21). Wear Apache Tear jewelry to highlight your Sagittarius strengths, such as your ability to converse, optimism, and appreciation of fun.

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