CYAN 1 Health


When it comes to fitness and health for a Cyan Aura Person, they must take care of their throat chakra as this is the respiratory system. They must be careful about it since they are prone to lung and throat diseases, and mental health concerns such as anxiety and compulsive lying. 

In order to take care of the respiratory system, it is highly recommended to tone down smoking cigarettes by going to therapy, especially a program called the Nicotine Replacement therapy. That program helps you avoid smoking, especially on inhaling nicotine by replacing cigarettes with nicotine patches, chewing gums, inhalators, and so on. It is really important to take care of the lungs and through as this is the only tool that a cyan aura person mostly expresses themselves with their thoughts. Other than that, wearing facemasks (especially in this time of covid) to avoid and protect from pollution and viral infection coming into the lungs and throat since the surroundings, especially in an overcrowded area, may cause excessing coughing or developing worse sickness. It is also essential to learn and practice breathing exercises in order to remain calm and organized with that anxiety so it won’t ruin the balance of the mind. It is also recommended for them to seek therapy since they are prone to lying at times when they do not feel alright with the situation they are having since they tend to hide everything that they feel. They must practice more to be expressive with their feelings and let them be reminded that they need to be honest about what they feel will always be valid.

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