CYAN 3 Wealth


Based on their traits and career path, they are the type who loves to teach or untangled the conflict of the situation of the person that they are trying to deal with based on their work since they are leaning to be a teacher, psychologist, guidance counselor, and so on since the appearance of the cyan aura person brings out positive energy towards other people.

When it comes to work, cyan aura people are the type who is open to new things from different cultures or skills and learn about it immediately since they would love to know more about it so they may able to share it with other people based on what they learn about the topic and also, to apply it to their work in order to help out others. When they get pressured in their work, they tend to overthink what they did and try to over explain things to let others know about their side since they get anxious about the actions they have done badly at work.

To improve their work performance, a cyan-aura person must know that things are not always going to be good in the present but better things may come in the future since they should not dwell too much on the bad situation since it is something they will learn about in order to avoid it. They must always keep calm in every worst situation and have someone who understands their problem so they may be able to talk it out well since they are the type who expressed their thoughts through talking.

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