Daily Horoscope Cancer 1

Cancer 1


It is the time for you to chase your own happiness. You have to reflect on what really matters to you, Cancer. Your decisiveness will help you forge a path towards the ultimate joy and merriment. While you have not been feeling too affable and agreeable as of late, solitude will prove to be quite the companion in helping you formulate the choice where you will best resonate with.

Surely the crab has been feeling a little out of sorts lately, isn’t that right? You have probably been holed up in the farthest corner of your room for days now, or weeks maybe? Feeling the need to conceal your existence from the world, without contact from anyone. Indulge in this solitude to your heart’s content! Forcing yourself to engage in social contact will only exacerbate your confusion and anxiety you have been feeling for days on end. There is really no need to rush through things head first. Taking these baby steps will eventually allow for things to fall in their rightful places. Indeed good things come to those who wait.

Wanting no company does not mean you should be negligent of your wellbeing, Cancer. You are born with such gentleness towards people you hold dear that you tend to be more mindful of others than your own. You have to cease prioritizing others. For starters, nurturing self-love will serve you a higher purpose. You have to let go of old, extra baggage that intervenes with your peace of mind and become keenly aware of things that hinders you from moving forward.

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