Daily Horoscope Cancer 2

Cancer 2

You have been in hibernation for days now. It is quite acceptable still as you have been left alone at your desk to fulfill 7-days worth of tasks without respite nor acknowledgement to lift your spirits, for a little at least. The struggles and silent cries for help have left you depleted, Cancer. You have been thinking of holidays nonstop, desires to honor the gift of giving led you to this enormous feeling of endless worry and fatigue. It is time to listen to your body, loosen grip and choose the nearest possible date to allow your body to relax before sickness befalls you. Wouldn’t that interfere with your plans to buy your nieces and nephews presents? Be mindful before you can no longer pick your rest day yourself.

It would be best for you (the entirety of you!), to take a little time for yourself. You have been running around and back and forth to get little bonuses from small-paying tasks. You owe it to yourself to completely relax before gearing up to chase off workloads again. Remember to always, ALWAYS, pat yourself in the back for a job well done.

While you have been ragged at work, Santa will be rewarding you enormously and remarkably. Romance will be caught in your spider web, you’d be stunned and stung! You should expect a little treat of surprises in the days to follow as you have been extremely hardworking in pursuit of something honorable and grand. Refocus your gaze, your love is on the way!

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