Daily Horoscope Cancer 29

Cancer 29

You may be at danger of crossing personal limits today, Cancer. It is advisable to exercise caution and mindfulness when temptation threatens to breach your well-built walls of fidelity, regardless of whether you are in a long-term or open relationship. While you were born with a deep-seated desire for one true love, flirtatious gestures will persistently try to cross your limits, and your curiosity will keep tormenting you until you fall inexorably to the toe-curling and mind-boggling adventures of a lifetime.

Try to step back for a bit and reassess the situation completely, take a breather perhaps? Surely you wouldn’t want to make regrettable actions that could have been avoided had you not made hasty decisions out of uncertainty and fury now, would you?

It would be best for you (the entirety of you!), to take a little time for yourself. You have been running around and back and forth to get little bonuses from small-paying tasks. You owe it to yourself to completely relax before gearing up to chase off workloads again. Remember to always, ALWAYS, pat yourself in the back for a job well done.

You are born with such gentleness towards people you hold dear that you tend to be more mindful of others than your own. You have to cease prioritizing others. For starters, nurturing self-love will serve you a higher purpose. You have to let go of old, extra baggage that intervenes with your peace of mind and become keenly aware of things that hinders you from moving forward.

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