Daily Horoscope Cancer 5

Cancer 5

Bestowed upon you is the desire you have been seeking for the past few days. Today will be the best day you will have this week and you should breathe in every second of it. To your surprise, colleagues who have been indifferent towards you will offer you a helping hand to get your job done quickly. You may be surprised with a reservation from your favorite restaurant arranged by your partner. Promotion or raise may be looking for its way towards you and you have been summoned to the manager’s office to inform you of the immediate effectivity of the good news. However, small inconveniences might still hinder you from seizing the day. Be careful outdoors as you might step on a poop or get caught up in a little traffic that will spoil the day a little!

Don’t forget to reconnect with your old friends, Cancer. You might receive a message from one or few of them to check on you and inquire what you might be doing next weekend so you can book for an out-of-town trip, maybe glamping? Be sure to bring your own set of cutleries! 

You might have unknowingly offended anyone. Simply ask for their forgiveness and immediately it shall be granted. Try your best to make amends without having to over explain yourself. Sincerity will serve you well in this aspect and try to back it up with a little generosity. You can invite them over for coffee or buy them something they would surely like, a book they have been eyeing for months or offering to buy them lunch. 

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