Daily Horoscope Pisces 19

Pisces 19

Communication is the root of your problems today, Pisces. You have been letting things slide too easily sometimes but today is not the same. This time, you will be forced to communicate to make things work out. You are great at bottling up your feelings until you can no longer contain them, and it is becoming unfair to everyone involved. Maybe this time, you have to express what you truly feel before you come to the point that you will be holding back from communicating your wants and needs. That is a no-no, and you should not let yourself be used to this kind of pattern.

When you are faced with confrontations with your partner, let them know how you truly feel. Gather up all of the courage and remember to say it in a calm manner. You have been dwelling in your thoughts long enough, and it is doing you no good. Take a deep breath and relax. Everything will turn out right soon enough; just let your emotions flow, and do not resort to suppressing yourself anymore. If you choose to hide your emotions, it may be good today, but it will not work out in the long run. You tend to run in circles, and you have been dancing in there long enough. Your needs need to be met, too. You can do all of this with proper communication and with the courage of the heart. Step back, relax, and do the talking that is long overdue.

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