Daily Horoscope Pisces 20

Pisces 20

What are the things you are ready to compromise for, Pisces? You have been so good with adapting to people’s needs and wants, but have you considered your own? Today you are given a chance to evaluate your self-worth. There are many things you should consider when it comes to pursuing the relationships that you have right now, may it be with your friend, familial bond, or your partner. People know you as a sensitive human, Pisces. However, know that there should be limits on what you are willing to adjust to so that you will not lose yourself while keeping your relationship. 

Keep a straight face today, and learn to honor your boundaries. Give yourself the respect that you deserve more than ever, and you deserve this respect from the people you love, too. You can still show consideration and love even by saying no to those you love. That is normal and just exhibiting your boundaries. Just learn how to say it in a calm manner and address whatever is bothering you. You can explain your position clearly this way.

Do not let the people around you dictate what you feel about certain things. You are your own person, and you should know better than to agree even if you already know what you feel about it. Honor your feelings just like how you honor theirs. Have conviction and be firm about what you decide on. Respect starts with you,  so you should give yourself the utmost respect, love, and self-worth.

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