Daily Horoscope Pisces 31

Pisces 31

You have always been great at reading people, and as a water sign, understanding emotions comes easy for you, Pisces. However, you have been frustrated lately due to a loved one who seems to be drifting away lately. As much as you are good at understanding other people’s emotions, you have to remember that what they will need is some relief that you are ready to listen to whatever it is that they are to say. Give the best comfort that you can, so they will feel secure and safe to reach out to you. You have this instinct to care for your loved ones, and this is the best time to show them your love and affirmation.

On the other hand, you have to check in with yourself, too. Even if you are best at reading other people’s emotions, you have to double-check what you are feeling at the moment, as well. How have you been? Are you feeling good lately? Remember to ask yourself these questions regularly, most especially for today. Are you ready to listen to a loved one and give them your best comfort? As much as you are a giver who cares for other people a lot, you have to prioritize your mental health too. Do not forget to evaluate what you are feeling. Remember to take extra care of yourself, may it be physical or emotional, and even spiritual. How can you take care of others if you are not in the best state? 

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