Daily Horoscope Pisces 35

Pisces 35

Your intuition is out of this world, dear Pisces. Consciously or not, you utilize this intuition most of the time, which is part of how you deal with things day to day. However, have you wondered if you have been too guarded lately? You seem to be in a closed state of mind lately, and you are overthinking most of your steps. Listening to your gut feeling may be beneficial most of the time, but there seems to be a fine line between being cautious and not trying at all. This is just a gentle reminder that even though you are being careful, you have to really evaluate too if you are passing up options you have been pursuing beforehand. Learn to evaluate and check if these are worth your time.

At the same time, you always think of others before yourself, Pisces. You have to be assertive about what you want, too. Have you asked yourself if you have been longing for something? Maybe this is the best time to make a move and choose to take that step. Take it easy there, and try to let down some of the walls that you have built within your heart. From time to time, there are things you can let loose of so that you will get to explore your chances and opportunities. You may be surprised at what comes next for you, but you just do not know it yet. Let things flow, and do not be so reserved.

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