Daily Horoscope Pisces 9

Pisces 9

Calm and serene waves come after a hustling yet productive weekday of the Christmas season. The arrow of the great wheel of fortune offers you the day for relaxation and therefore you will have no need to glide your way out of the sheets and slide in your slack pants to get ready for work. Since you have been bombarded with an insurmountable amount of tasks to fulfill this holiday season, the goddess has specially tailored today to enable you to refocus your energy on yourself! Try to recollect and reassemble your thoughts towards yourself, dear Pisces. Setting goals and priorities will be your sword and shield so you will not lose track and sight of the most pressing matter, which is yourself. “Today is me time!” says the inner child in you and you ought to indulge yourself with that well-deserved rest and time for leisure.

You deserve that time off from connecting with others and instead focus on reconnecting with your soul. Be sure to make use of your time to organize your priorities and set schedules for specific responsibilities or events such as laundry day, grocery day, dinner on Christmas eve with your loved ones and so forth. Your mother may call a little too early to ask you to purchase that Glazed Ham ball for Noche Buena, do not be afraid to turn her down as you require to replenish your energy!

Watch a Netflix movie or take a nap. You really ought to loosen up a little bit and discharge some internal frustrations to create room for more positivity; you deserve it.

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