Daily Horoscope Scorpio 10

Scorpio 10

You have been having quite the hard time making a decision today, Scorpio. A person of bewildering energy will talk you out of something which will enormously influence your choices. As enticing as it may seem, proceed with caution. There is no guarantee that things will go your way and acting on impulse will cause more trouble than profit. This forewarning should suffice for you to take all the time you need before plunging in head first since it is important to always think things through ahead.

Unfortunately, responsibilities have you all tangled up right now. While it is applaudable that you have the capacity to accomplish everything in one go, it will be unhealthy for you to not allow yourself an ample amount of time for rest before continuing. Do bear in mind that you are given one body to work with and so you are responsible for whatever illness your body may succumb into. Your overall functioning will primarily depend on your physical health and so you should allot more time to yourself before anything else. 

Your partner may be feeling a little troubled today. Blessed be your high sensitivity as you are able to catch a glimpse of melancholy despite the passive behavior your partner has been exhibiting as of late. Reach out in a lovingly supportive manner, Scorpio. Your gentleness will aid your partner in engaging in a deep discussion of what troubles them. You will need to be present at these times as such situations are doable only with the efforts of two. 

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