Daily Horoscope Scorpio 11

Scorpio 11

Scorpio, you need to remember this to be able to survive the day. It is a remarkable day to make investments right now as it will surely come into fruition someday, Scorpio. It is a prosperous event as your monetary front will be in sight no matter what direction you focus. This day makes promising profit for shares, business, house, properties or anything that you shall invest on. You will feel the fulfillment of a dream as your efforts and diligence continue to pave a prosperous path for you. 

Pat them on their back and genuinely congratulate them, Scorpio. Things may have spun out of control and you may have misunderstandings in the process of resolving it. You may be too conflicted to see their perspective and intentions as well. Express yourself in a way that will not rip your years of friendship apart. 

Testing out the waters will be too overbearing for you since you have been in a loop, going back and forth from choices made on impulse. Take your time to really think things through before you act. Keeping your wits to yourself will aid in both early recognition of aspects worth keeping and old habits requiring further modification. Better opportunities are coming your way, so be sure to always be prepared to take them on!

On the other hand, keep your love alive. Go the extra mile today to make your partner happy. Rise at least an hour early to make them breakfast in bed with their favorite sunny side up topped with catsup and garnished with herbs, make them a cup of coffee or tea and a nice bowl of pudding for dessert. 

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