Daily Horoscope Scorpio 23

Scorpio 23

Scorpio, I know you think the world is crumbling right now but you are wrong. The motivation to put in all your efforts today will not be necessary since your colleagues will come at your aid. It is true that they have expressed unreasonable hostility towards you for the past few months, but seeing as you have such an unwavering determination to persist despite the gravity of the work and hatred weighing you down, they gradually have had a change of heart. 

Chances are, you want to plan out for a 3-day journey with your friends but are currently stuck at home tending to your little sister’s needs or you may be looking to file a vacation leave but the company currently needs manpower and has recently mandated you and several of your colleagues to work overtime. While it can be conflicting to choose which to prioritize first between life, work and home, you will eventually regain balance in all these by setting boundaries backed with determination and proper energy allocation.

On the other hand, keep your love alive. Go the extra mile today to make your partner happy. Rise at least an hour early to make them breakfast in bed with their favorite sunny side up topped with catsup and garnished with herbs, make them a cup of coffee or tea and a nice bowl of pudding for dessert. 

While you have been nurturing that daring self in you, it may be quite difficult for you tonight. Eros has made it a bit more challenging as your partner may be feeling a bit naughtier than usual. Why not go for the wilder side this time by getting that love shackles or deep red blindfold? Or maybe that furry bondage quietly nestling in your cart for weeks now?

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