Daily Horoscope Scorpio 29

Scorpio 29

As the tides of water sign rise above the sea level of tolerance you were born with, your patience will be put to the test today. Someone you’ve been extremely close to recently started bothering you or making you feel self-conscious. They might actually behave in an oddly irritating way that has gotten out of hand for you. They may have recently been promoted at work and are now preferred almost too rapidly by their coworkers, thus they are constantly and arrogantly boasting about it.

Unfortunately, you’re now entangled with obligations. While it is admirable that you can complete everything at once, it will be unhealthy for you if you don’t give yourself enough time to recover before moving on. Remember that you only have one body to work with, thus you are accountable for any ailment that your body may contract.

It will be better for you to spend the day outside, Scorpio, even though you do deserve to unwind in the luxury of your house. Why not attend that afternoon coffee date you’ve been planning with your college friends? The mood will definitely be better with your company! As you tell historical tales, nostalgia will undoubtedly strike close to home. Why not pick up where you left off in a nearby restaurant for dinner once the sun has set? Few of your college friends will undoubtedly want to accompany you at this point.

Plan your day ahead with your partner. After all, two heads are better than one! Go mountain hiking this weekend and spend the night on the mountain top in a tent with your partner. Going to far places (a high one!) will prove to be advantageous at this point of time wherein a few persistent, malevolent individuals will be chasing after you to ruin your day. 

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