Daily Horoscope Scorpio 3

Scorpio 3

Days have not been too bright for you, Scorpio. You will be enormously overwhelmed by all your responsibilities that might take a physical and mental toll on you. Striving to balance life, work and home will prove to be a challenge as you try to multitask and juggle between the 3 aspects of your responsibilities. Chances are, you want to plan out for a 3-day journey with your friends but are currently stuck at home tending to your little sister’s needs or you may be looking to file a vacation leave but the company currently needs manpower and has recently mandated you and several of your colleagues to work overtime. While it can be conflicting to choose which to prioritize first between life, work and home, you will eventually regain balance in all these by setting boundaries backed with determination and proper energy allocation. Pleasing everyone is not exactly the answer as this will lead you to neglect the desires of your heart. Making progress while being true to yourself will help you be more proactive and develop that can-do attitude. Beckon the goddess of fortune today by wearing burgundy at work. Try to stray away from stressful situations in broad daylight to avoid having a lingering feeling of negativity within you.

Hear out your partner today, Scorpio. They have been in low spirits recently and would very much appreciate your presence with the settling gloom in their chest. Offer your heart and ears and be attentive to their needs and wants. 

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