Daily Horoscope Scorpio 31

Scorpio 31

Dear Scorpio, the formerly dull light of progress is now shining too brilliantly for you to gaze straight at. You deserve to enjoy every moment of this day because you worked so hard to get here. In order to cheer you up after the past few days of being depressed, people who have been overly apprehensive and antagonistic toward you will welcome you warmly this morning and may even offer to buy you coffee.

Most likely, you want to organize a 3-day trip with your friends but are unable to do so because you are at home taking care of your little sister’s needs. Alternatively, you may want to request a vacation leave but the company is short on staff and has recently ordered you and several of your coworkers to work overtime. Even though it can be difficult to decide which of life, job, and home should come first, by setting boundaries supported by tenacity and wise energy allocation, you will eventually find balance in all of these.


In addition, unethical individuals may be taking advantage of others for their personal gain. They are out there looking for sneaky methods to benefit themselves at the expense of others. Be on the lookout for dishonest people since you can get snared in their web and turn out to be their most attractive target.

Do not take things to heart and try to express gentleness towards your siblings. They may be tangled up in a pile of academic responsibilities or have had a conflict with their closest friends. This will be a good opportunity for you to listen to them voice out the very depths of their hearts. So be gentle and supportive. Try to resolve this in a manner that will allow them to strengthen their trust towards you and find solace in your comforting presence.

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