Daily Horoscope Taurus 9

Taurus 9

You have overdid it, Taurus. Negligence of your health will prove to be detrimental in the days to come. Colds will be extra annoying as you will have sleep disturbances from clogged nose. Hopefully it does not evolve into flu, so be sure to give your body that much needed rest. Hesitate not to ask for an extra hand to help you regain optimum functioning. We all undergo that feeling of “under the weather” and surely you will be lending someone your time and presence should they require it. So do not falter to ask for a nice bowl of porridge or warm cup of tea with honey as we all need the presence of another to remain completely sufficient. 

Do not deprive yourself of your favorites, at least not entirely to the extent that you will lose appetite to even consider eating. Sure you can still eat chocolates! But why not have it differently this time? Instead of chocolate bars, go for warm cocoa drinks. It will be better if someone else can nurse you so your body can solely focus on recovery without having to expend energy on making meals or driving the extra mile to get the flu medications. 

Additionally, keep in mind to stay hydrated at all times! Drinking extra fluids will help with immediate electrolyte replacement while relieving nasal congestion, thus, will help improve with your sleep. Ain’t that the nicest thing? Do remember that no man is an island. Every individual is part of a continent and therefore shall require the constant presence of another. 

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