Divine Number 0 -Part 2

Divine Number 0 - Part 2

You may feel this looming sense of fear, a premonition that longs to be acknowledged, be heard. These are the voices of your sixth sense urging you to be cautious. While this may hinder you from the complete acceptance of the changes you are about to undergo, this divine number shall guarantee you good fortune and blessings which no materialistic thing can amount to should you decide to finally embrace the transition with your arms wide open. You must keep in mind that there is an abundant blessing that nestles comfortably in the store for you and long they have waited for your arrival. So keep an open mind and heart as good things come to those who wait. It is important that you allow yourself to take a leap of faith and trust the entirety of the process so that prosperity and fortune finds its way to your doorstep. You may require the necessary preparations to be fully geared on the days to follow as you go through a substantial amount of changes, such as reflecting on the events of the past, failures or mistakes. Whatever it may be, bear in mind that change is naturally inevitable and uncontrollable, nevertheless, embrace it with the entirety of your being; with all of your heart, mind, body and soul.

Breaking out of your daily routine will prove to be worrisome as humans are taught at a tender age that sticking to a single behavior or habit will result in satisfactory outcomes. Additionally, development of one’s routine, growing accustomed to it and regularly acting upon it provides a sense of relief and comfort. Hence, leaving your comfort zone will render you vulnerable and prone to making mistakes. As daunting and dismaying as it may be, the process that this divine number requires are your utmost patience and resilience. Though it may seem that no changes have occurred in your perspective, you will need to remember that great fortune awaits regardless of the hardships you are going through at the moment as such obstacles are considered an essential element to test your determination and resilience.  Therefore, it is pivotal that you would henceforth exercise unfaltering willpower and trust on the changes that are about to take place in your life.

When was the last time you have actually reflected on the feats you have achieved in the past? Hurdles you have overcome or mistakes that you have already reflected upon? While it may seem a drag or a tedious action for you, this will truly aid you in the long run. Keep in mind that mistakes from the past should not be a hindrance. It will be better for you to set your sights in a different perspective and consider these mishaps of yours as a lesson to help you handle situations better in the future. Practices such as careful and extensive reflection will help you shape your heart’s desires and enable a more efficient management of what is to come. Additionally, recalling back on the triumphant moments of yours will bring about outbursts of happiness and the overwhelming sense of fulfillment. Moreover, by doing so, you will be able to look back on far you have already come, from fragments of dreams to concrete goals to its eventual fruition. This surely would pump you even more to readily take on the challenges ahead of you.

While you are set to begin anew in this journey, it is important that you carry with you the eventful days of the past. Though remember not to dwell on it for too long as it may prove destructive for what lies ahead. Being overwhelmed by the changes and presuming that these are consequences of past wrongdoings will do you no good. Instead, accept all of it wholeheartedly and bear optimism in every action you make. The negativity situated in your heart shall soon be lifted and soon will be gone are the worrisome days of distress. Greater things will come knocking at your doorstep as how they are meant to once you finally move forward with an open heart and mind, unwavering faith and the unfaltering determination to grab hold of every opportunity that comes your way. 

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