Divine Number 1 -Part 1

Divine Number 1 - Part 1

Divine number 1 is presented as the powerful manifestation of the heart’s desires and wishes. It is one so potent that it can also manipulate the universe according to one’s vision, replicating the thoughts and turning it into reality. The figure 11:11, a simpler representation of shooting stars, is one as such wherein an individual makes a wish and entrusting the universe to hearken and grant your desires should you entrust the process to it. Therefore, this is a momentous opportunity for you to utter what your heart truly yearns for and have faith that it shall be granted in the near future should you truly believe in the wonders the universe creates. As such powerful manifestations will cause a sudden change of pace in order to pave the path towards fulfillment, you will need to be prepared for what is about to befall in the wake of the process. Do you act in accordance with a particular routine in order to steer clear of misfortunes that may occur? A situation often yields desirable outcomes if certain conditions are met, an event proven to be a conducive pattern prior to granting the longings of the heart. Hence, you must have a keen eye for every opportunity that may come your way. Ensure to first dismiss the worries arising from hesitation as this will be a hindrance to your pursuit. Taking the initiative to reach your goal will strongly attract a potent wish-granting manifestation that shall present not only your wishes, but also tremendous opportunities that will shape you to a highly sufficient and more efficient individual such as personal growth, career advancement, economic investments or establishment of social relationships. These circumstances are tailored to be in your favor in order to welcome a more promising future that shall unfold as how the universe wields it. Hence, be determined to chase after your dreams and leave the rest to the wonders of the universe.

You have been blessed with the angels’ support that will ultimately grant whatever it is that you seek. As you have been graced with heavenly beings’ presence presented by this divine number, it is important that you respond with a fiery ardor with grace. An example is an encounter with this divine number 1, which can be in sets of 3 or 4 or within a pattern, that serves as an indicator for you to make a wish, plant a seed or set goals and priorities. Doing so will help in its manifestation as well as in determining what specific plan of actions will best synchronize with the ways of the universe. Additionally, you must anticipate that you may possibly come across hurdles while you await for your wish to take shape, such circumstances are part of the process that shall test your faith and courage to take on the challenges entailed. Keep in mind that both the present and the future are in a dynamic connection and while the cosmic energy of this divine number is focused in replicating the yearnings of the heart, its fruition shall take time. You must have faith that no matter how horrendous this journey may become, it is meant for you and boldly you shall consistently push through with all your might. 

A feeling that you might be at a loss while waiting for it to be fully realized will hinder its process. While this is an expected response, you will need to allot more patience and completely trust that it will fall right into your hands at the right time. Why not make use of this time re-evaluate your priorities in order to bring clarity to your goals? It is important that they are specific throughout its completion and are consistently in line with your desires. How often have you assessed your strengths and weaknesses to help you in achieving your goals? This is an important character evaluation in order to determine the weaknesses that you may need to improve on and the strengths you possess that shall serve as supportive elements in the fulfillment of your objectives. Furthermore, you must always keep an optimistic attitude as positive thoughts yield positive outcomes. Refocus your energy in a constant manner towards your wishes, afterwards, entirely entrust it all to the universe.

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