Divine Number 1 -Part 3

Divine Number 1 - Part 3

Manifestation is the powerful energy this divine number possesses. A fateful encounter with the divine number 1, possibly in sets or patterns, be it in a code or price, score or time, is an indication that the change about to take place in your life is strongly aligned with your thoughts and wishes. The brooding ideas and premonitions alike are coming from your sixth sense signaling you for an abrupt transition about to occur in the days to follow, hence, best be prepared to avoid being overwhelmed by the feelings of vulnerability and worry this entails. It is necessary that you must be ready for what is coming for the events that shall transpire are the creations of the universe leading you towards the path of wish fulfillment. With this, prayers coming from the deepest depths of your heart will eventually be realized if you accept the changes you are to undergo during the process of acquisition. Bear in mind that this shall naturally fall right into your hands should you keep an open eyes for opportunities and the courage to completely accept the arrival of these blessings. It may not exactly take shape the way you have originally envisioned it to be, but remember that the universe knows what is best suited for you and what aspects shall be required to help you in the days ahead. Welcoming all these with an open arms is conducive in leading to favorable results.

With the mind boggling changes you have been experiencing lately, consequently pulling you out of your comfort zone, remember that during this dire time of much confusion and hesitation, it will be highly advantageous for you to make a consistent assessment on your thoughts in order to eliminate the woes and negativity situated in your soul. Remember that this is a time to welcome a new cycle, therefore, troubles and sorrows of the past must remain in it for good. Leaving it merely as a memory to look back on or a lesson that brought about life-changing experiences did not result in a complete loss as you were able to acquire an understanding of what can be best done the next time you encounter this issue again in the future. Were you able to fully utilize your strengths and experience as a means to conquer the hurdles you have been dealing with? With the right attitude and appropriate plan of action, you will surely be able to take on any threats that may hinder you from your pursuit towards success. While you have wishes you are yet to be bestowed upon, you must also always be eager to take the initiative and persevere for it. Actions and  choices you have made will inevitably shape the future and therefore, it will be pivotal for you to keep a positive attitude while sustaining that zealous effort to naturally attract the energy of the universe towards you.

The angels have harken to the yearnings of your heart and while this divination has been nothing but supportive of your goals, you must also answer with the equal amount of enthusiasm, passion and determination for its eventual completion. The heavenly beings will surely smile upon you as tirelessly and rigorously persevere despite the hardships and obstacles that kept coming your way. Do keep in mind that this is an essential part of the process as you will also learn resilience and buoyancy, to smile and laugh in the face of danger and difficulty. You are deserving of greater things, specially on things that you have been incessantly striving for. It may come out as though you are being pushed to the edge and is left to be tormented by the ever-blazing flames of impediment. Do rest assured that this will soon come to an end and will eventually bring light to the path of tranquility and bliss. You should not leave any room for regrets and worries as all things transpire naturally and for a reason. Allow the universe to produce creations of wonders and miracles for you while keeping an optimistic attitude. Foremost, always remember that their creations are interwoven with your thoughts, replicating your wishes with divine support and therefore shall occur in the near future. 

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