Divine Number 3 -Part 2

Divine Number 3 - Part 2

Today calls for the most ideal time to ask the universe for enlightenment, wisdom and creativity. This divine number is strongly associated with optimism, pleasure, fortune, love and holy beings. An opportunity that will help shape future events by empowered actions of the present. When the patterns or sets of three are ever present, be it in the streets, price tag, time or code, it could mean that guidance from the ascended masters shall be bestowed upon you. Have you ever been placed in seemingly impassable circumstances wherein you feel as if you are stuck and your prayers are not being heard by the heavenly beings above? Do bear in mind that this spiritual consciousness presented before you will continuously oversee the events that shall take place in your life. If in case you are already dealing with a situation you have difficulty conquering, trust the guidance of the spiritual trinities to direct you and your ways and have faith that you will eventually overcome it. Do you feel like you have attempted every possible way to succeed and yet have repeatedly failed? Keep in mind that failure must not be considered a complete loss as this is best perceived as a learning experience in order to gain better understanding of a certain situation. Do not be overwhelmed by these troublesome occurrences as they will soon come to a pass should you believe in the miraculous ways of the heavenly trinities. 

This divine number is a powerful manifestation of answering prayers. “Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it will be opened unto you”, a bible verse that strongly aligns with praying for and granting the longings of the heart. The universe has been brought out of the oblivion and is now enlightened of your desires and your persistence towards it and you must remember that this divine number presents guidance and opportunities given by the ascended masters. With these instruments coming your way, you are being further encouraged to move forward with an unbounding faith, be dauntless by taking initiative towards your goals and believing that the entirety of the process is being overseen by the spiritual trinities and therefore shall guarantee you lasting protection from misfortunes that may come your way. Do you feel as though you have been waiting for nothing? Overcoming these doubts and uncertainty is proven to be irksome as some may succumb to it. No matter how long it may take, trust that your prayers shall be answered nonetheless. A divine timing shall fall into your hands that shall grant you resources and support necessary in accomplishing your goals. Hence, have patience and be faithful as wonders of the skies will soon find their way at your doorstep.

It is important that you stand firm and remain clear with your desires for yourself and your life. By doing so, you are consistently making an evaluation on the goals and priorities you have set for yourself. You may possibly have a long list of wants that may take an entire day to finish reading, but remember to sort this out in accordance to the priorities of your objectives so that you will be able to better plan the significant steps you must take towards it. This divine number also conveys energies of creativity beyond comparison. As you are meant for greater things, you must also respond with zeal. Your innate gifts will prove to be a valuable asset that shall open doors for a wide variety of opportunities. Additionally, developing new sets of skills will improve your capacity to adapt to certain situations, therefore, gaining an in-depth adaptability. Actions made for personal growth slowly unfolds layers of wisdom that will prove to be handy for the days ahead. Remember such an opportunity comes rare, hence, you must keep your eyes peeled so that none slips your sight as even one so small can amount to a valuable experience no lengthy lecture can ever equate to. You must always take into consideration that the supreme beings bear witness to your daily life, the hardships you have undergone, the changes you have made and whatever it is that you seek. You must not become hesitant on your pursuit as greater things in store lie in wait for you.

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