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The earth element in your life represents all that is practical, down-to-earth, and real. You are a person who values stability and security above all else. You tend to be very grounded, sensible, and dependable. When it comes to love, you are much like the earth itself—reliable and strong. You have an innate ability to keep things together when everything seems to be falling apart around you. Your partner will find themselves relying on you when things start getting stressful at work or at home.


You don’t always need your partner around to feel loved—you know how to love yourself first! But when someone special comes along, it’s hard for them not to feel wanted by someone so constant and dependable as yourself.People with earth element are very grounded and practical. They are good listeners, and they tend to be very supportive of their partners. They can be very generous, but they need to feel that the other person is giving as much as they are. If a partner does not appreciate them enough, this can cause them to become bitter and resentful.


People with an earth element like you are very sensitive to the feelings of others, so you often have trouble putting yourself first. This can lead to problems in relationships because the other person may feel neglected or unappreciated. People with earth element tend to have a lot of patience and tolerance for others’ mistakes; however, if someone makes too many mistakes or does something particularly offensive, it can be difficult for them not to react emotionally or even lash out verbally or physically at the other person.

As an earth person, you tend to look at things objectively and logically—which is why you are often good business people—so you will typically try to understand why someone did what they did before judging them harshly or condemning them completely. When people with Earth as their primary element are in a relationship, you have a tendency to be practical, grounded, and trustworthy. You are hard workers who can be counted on to follow through on what you say you will do—and you are great at managing your finances!


As the element of the home, Earth people tend to be very family-oriented and loyal. You have a deep sense of duty and responsibility towards those around you. You are also very grounded and practical in your approach to life; you don’t get caught up in flights of fancy or abstract ideas. People with an Earth element are the ones who prefer to live in a relationship where you can feel comfortable, safe and supported. You want your partner to take care of you and give you the security you need. You usually find it hard to open up to someone, as you prefer keeping your emotions under control. People with an Earth element like you are also very cautious about your feelings and relationships, so if you want to keep them in your life for a long time, it’s best not to push too much.


People with an Earth element like you tend to be practical when it comes to love and relationships. You don’t like taking risks because you are afraid of being hurt or rejected. You would rather wait until someone comes along who accepts you for who you are without judging you too harshly or trying too hard to change you into something else entirely different than what you really want out of life right now!

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