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The element of earth which is what surrounds you, represents stability, security, and practicality. People who have the earth element in their personality are calm and collected, you like to plan things out in advance, and you are generally good at taking care of others. Because of this, people with an earth sign like you can be great listeners when it comes to problems with love or relationships. You are likely to understand that emotions run high when you’re going through a breakup—and you will be able to help you work through your feelings by listening and providing support.


These are some tips for you. Understand what happened at the root level – We all want to blame external factors for our breakups, but sometimes we need to look inside ourselves first. What did we do wrong? What could we have done differently? Understanding how the relationship went wrong will help us move on faster because it gives us more clarity about what went wrong and why it happened.


Next, don’t feel guilty about your feelings – If you’re feeling down after your breakup, don’t let anyone tell you that what happened wasn’t real or that you shouldn’t feel sad! Everyone has different experiences with getting over someone they love. A break-up is a difficult time for anyone, but it can be especially hard for people with the earth element. The earth element is about security, stability and comfort, and when a relationship ends it can be devastating to someone whose natural state is to feel grounded and secure in their life.

Third, focus on your friends and family. Friends and family who love you unconditionally can give you the strength to keep going when things aren’t easy. When all else fails, they will always be there for you, even if they don’t really understand what’s going on with your ex or why it’s so hard for you to move on from the relationship. Next up: focus on the positive side of things! This can be hard when emotions are running high after a breakup but remember: there is always something positive that comes out of every situation.


Last is to practice mindfulness meditation every day. A lot of people think mindfulness is just about sitting still and trying not to think too much about anything at all (which sounds like hell), but really it’s about being aware of the present moment without judgement or criticism—and that can actually help us recover from breakups faster than almost anything else! It helps us stay


As an Earth element, you’re accustomed to being in control. You’re a natural leader, and you often feel like your destiny is in your own hands. But when a relationship ends, that sense of control can be thrown out the window. You may feel powerless, or as if you’ve lost yourself by losing them—but it’s critical that you don’t let those feelings take over your life.


However, people who have a strong connection with other people may have a better chance at moving on after a break-up or divorce because they have an alternative source of support through friends or family members. People who have a strong connection with nature may also be able to move on after a breakup or divorce because they can connect with nature in order to heal themselves emotionally.

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