Eastern Astrology : Ardra Nakshatra – The Star of Sorrow

Rud is a Sanskrit term that means to cry, sob, or how. Ardra’s nakshatra is linked to wailing or howling. It can also be translated as “the howler” or “the roarer.”

Rudra is the deity connected to the Ardra nakshatra. Shiva manifests in his most ferocious manifestation, Rudra. In addition to being the deity of wild animals, he is the god of lightning and thunderstorms. 

Rudra was born with a gender split, reflecting the dual nature of this nakshatra, which is also similar to the dual nature of the sign of Gemini. When Rudra was born, he had no name. Shiva held the entire amount of poison stirred up by the ocean in his throat throughout Samundra Manthan.

These people must therefore be careful what they say because their words have great power and have the potential to cause harm to others. Numerous unsung figures from our history have prominent Ardra nakshatras in their birth charts. Lord Hanuman is closely related to the Ardra nakshatra.

People with the Ardra nakshatra are unusual and continuously attempting to rebel against society. Due to Rahu’s association with this nakshatra, they are very clever and have unconventional thinking. However, society has a tendency to criticize these locals. 

The people of Ardra enjoy nature and feel at ease being in it; they do not feel at home in structured civilization. Because Rudra is the god of wild animals, natives of Ardra are at ease around them. They are connected to and adore the outdoors.

These nakshatra people might become violent when enraged or upset since this nakshatra is linked to Rudra, who rules thunderstorms and is associated with destruction. Ardra residents experience a challenging childhood and frequently don’t feel valued by others. 

An individual may become suicidal if unfavourable planets are in this nakshatra. Ardra is the nakshatra of metamorphosis because destruction inspires creation. Ardra nakshatra lays the groundwork for future construction while destroying the outdated and decrepit.

The person must go through changes relating to houses connected to the important planets when they are in the nakshatra of Ardra. For instance, if the fourth lord is in the nakshatra of Ardra, the person must undergo metamorphosis or experience sufferings relating to their mother. It could also be difficult for them to feel at ease.

An individual with this nakshatra’s Rahu and Mercury aspects is exceptionally intelligent and analytical. They frequently perform exceptionally well in sciences and math. This nakshatra has a strong connection to occult studies as well.

Natives of the Ardra nakshatra frequently abuse drugs and alcohol. They find it difficult to deal with their issues and are more likely to flee from them. Ardra nakshatra is divided into 4 different padas which carries the energy of 4 different planets

Divisions of Ardra Nakshatra:

  1. Jupiter, the planet, rules Pada 1. This pada compels someone to walk the morally upright path of dharma. These people frequently hold high moral standards.
  2. Saturn is the planet that rules Pada 2. The native is realistic because of this pada. These indigenous do not have an egotistical tendency.
  3. Saturn is the planet that rules Pada 3. An individual becomes organised and sincere thanks to this pada. Most of the time, these people are drawn to helping others.
  4. Jupiter, the planet, rules Pada 4. An individual becomes beautiful and charismatic thanks to this pada. They frequently possess strong moral principles and desire to assist others.

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