Eastern Astrology : Āshleshā Nakshatra – The Clinging Star

Aslesha nakshatra’s meaning is “Embracing.” The Nagas are the deities of the Alesha nakshatra. The three primary Nagas are Takshak, Vasuki, and Shesha (whom the world depends on) (Tribal chief of Snakes). The Nagas are worshipped on a day known as Naga Panchami in the month of Shravan. Bramha told the Nagas to reside deep underwater during a time when their population was increasing and posing a threat to humans. 


They are thought to reside in a region known as the Patal beneath the ocean. Nagas possess a wealth of esoteric spiritual wisdom. Nagas have a contradictory character. Some Nagas are worshipped as gods, while others are demons that can harm people. As a result, Aslesha people have a choice to make: they can harm others or they can heal and assist them.

This nakshatra represents intellectual and inquisitive people. They have a desire for secret information. They can persuade people and are excellent communicators. This nakshatra has a strong topic of speech. Natives of Aslesha have strong speech, thus they need to use it carefully because they occasionally damage people with it. These locals encounter a great deal of social criticism because of their unusual attitudes.


Because of the connection between this nakshatra and the Nagas, it is clear that Aslesha locals have a predisposition toward the occult, mysticism, Ayurveda, etc. They prefer to avoid participating in culture as a whole. These people care about the environment and work to protect it. The Aslesha Nakshatra is related to the subject of healing. These people have the capacity to heal others thanks to their understanding of undiscovered science and medicine.

The coiling snake represents Aslesha. This nakshatra is also known as the clinging star for this reason. As the symbol says, people born under the nakshatra of Aslesha enjoy developing mental, emotional, and physical bonds with others. They enjoy making emotional connections with others. The kundalini energy’s reawakening is another interpretation of the symbol. Natives of Aslesha inherently contain a great deal of mystical energy.


Aslesha is the nakshatra for those who are highly ambitious. Additionally, they are quite guarded and struggle with trust. When Mercury is in this nakshatra, a person becomes logical and pragmatic. Their straightforward, goal-oriented personality can occasionally lead them to take advantage of others in order to succeed.


Natives of the Aslesha nakshatra are typically fiercely loyal to the ones they care about. However, if their emotional and physical needs are not met, these people have a tendency to enter into several relationships. They typically struggle to maintain a social life. Aslesha nakshatra is divided into 4 different padas which carries the energy of 4 different planets

Divisions of Aslesha Nakshatra:

  1. Jupiter, the planet, rules Pada 1. This pada compels someone to walk the morally upright path of dharma. These people frequently hold high moral standards.
  2. Saturn is the planet that rules Pada 2. The native is realistic because of this pada. These indigenous do not have an egotistical tendency.
  3. Saturn is the planet that rules Pada 3. An individual becomes organised and sincere thanks to this pada. Most of the time, these people are drawn to helping others.
  4. Jupiter, the planet, rules Pada 4. An individual becomes beautiful and charismatic thanks to this pada. They frequently possess strong moral principles and desire to assist others.

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