Eastern Astrology : Bharni Nakshatra – The Star of Restraint

The Sanskrit term Bhri, which meaning to bear or nurture, is where the word Bharni first appeared. Yama is related to the Bharni nakshatra (God of death and Justice). Although he was the Sun and Sanjana’s biological son, Yama was raised by his stepmother Chaya.

Yama was neglected because of Chaya’s favouritism toward her own child as the stepmother. Therefore, the idea of justice is related to this nakshatra. Bharni people have complex connections with their mothers, particularly when the moon is in the nakshatra of Bharni.

A triangle that faces downhill is related to the Bharni nakshatra. The triangle symbol with its downward or inverted position represents feminine energy. This constellation’s Mars and Venus energies stand in for Purush (masculine energy) and Prakriti, respectively (Feminine energy).

The energy created because of the union of the Purusha and Prakriti is held or carried by this nakshatra. The female reproductive system, which nurtures and nourishes the unborn child, is a representation of the Bharni nakshatra. Because of this, those born under this nakshatra are compassionate, well-organized, punctual, and responsible. They are easily dependable.

In addition, Yama is revered as the Lord of Justice and Final Judgment. This was allegedly the last nakshatra to be listed. People who have prominent planets in the nakshatra of Bharni are very critical of others.

These people will always support justice. They are able to make sensible but unrealistic conclusions. However, because of their nature, they are extremely judgmental about everything. These locals contribute significantly to social issues. They support disrupting societal conventions and creating fresh guidelines.

Although the inhabitants of this nakshatra are known as “The Star of Restraint” and value maintaining law and order, they are also notorious for breaching the law when they believe the current system is ineffective and needs to be changed.

The female reproductive system is a representation of the nakshatra of Bharni, as suggested by the symbol. Additionally, this nakshatra is the most erotic nakshatra due to its relationship with the planet Venus. This nakshatra is ruled by very sexual and sensual people. It is extremely challenging for this induvial to refrain from eating.

A male elephant is another symbol for the Bharani nakshatra. Individuals from the Bharani race are immensely powerful and aggressive by nature. Bharni nakshatra is divided into 4 different padas which carries the energy of 4 different planets


Divisions of Bharni Nakshatra:

  • The planet Sun is in charge of Pada 1, which. An individual becomes sincere and responsible thanks to this pada. They possess natural leadership abilities.
  • Mercury rules Pada 2, which is in the second house. This pada helps someone become sensible. These people tend to be self-assured and practical in their outlook on life.
  • Venus, the planet, rules Pada 3. One becomes sentimental and attached to other people as a result of this pada. They have a strong attachment to worldly pleasures.
  • Mars is in charge of Pada 4. This pada gives this nakshatra more momentum. People born under this pada have a tendency to be extroverted and adventurous. People who fall under this group may struggle with their wrath.

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