Eastern Astrology : Chitra Nakshatra – The Star of Opportunity

Chitra means “the brilliant one” in English. The deity of this nakshatra is Tvastar, and it is connected to the planet Mars.


The first-born creator of this world is thought to be Tvastar. He is said to have come from Vishwakarma’s naval (The celestial architect). He is summoned when someone wants to have children, according to the Veda, and he is a member of the Brigus clan. Tvastar is the father of Sanja, who later became the father of Sanjana, and the son of lord Shukracharya.


It is said that Vishwakarma lives in the Chitra nakshatra. The kind-hearted celestial architect Vishwakarma is capable of creating anything from the constituent parts of life. He is renowned for his work on strong monuments and exquisite jewellery.


It has been noted that Vishwakarma has acted impartially toward both Devas and Asuras throughout the Vedas. He doesn’t have any particular affinity for any of them. This is the reason why it’s challenging to categorise this nakshatra into well-known subcategories.

Natives of Chitra are frequently perceived as organised people who find beauty in everything. They are extremely inventive people who can come up with an innovative answer to any problem. They don’t like to discuss or engage in topics that are considered to be mainstream. They enjoy showcasing their original issues. 


These people frequently exhibit excellent diplomatic and impartial skills. They would rather have a neutral area. The locals are courteous, knowledgeable, and appreciative of the arts and aesthetics.



Chitra natives like to follow the righteous path of karma. They believe in achieving the things they desire without hurting others. The nakshatra of Chitra is called the Star of opportunities. They are charming and desirable, due to their charismatic personalities they tend to attract the opportunities they want. 

This nakshatra is associated with both Mars and Libra. The combination of Mars and Venus brings the union of Purush and Prakriti. Therefore, if a native can balance these two energies they can create new opportunities in their life. Venus brings creativity in them and Mars gives the power to implement that creativity. 


Chitra locals enjoy being in the spotlight and mingling with people. They enjoy vivid colours and frequently express themselves in original ways. This nakshatra also has the power to make someone famous. Chitra nakshatra is divided into 4 different padas which carries the energy of 4 different planets


Divisions of Chitra Nakshatra:

  1. The planet Sun is in charge of Pada 1, which. An individual becomes sincere and responsible thanks to this pada. They possess natural leadership abilities.
  2. Mercury rules Pada 2, which is in the second house. This pada helps someone become sensible. These people tend to be self-assured and practical in their outlook on life.
  3. Venus, the planet, rules Pada 3. One becomes sentimental and attached to other people as a result of this pada. They have a strong attachment to worldly pleasures.
  4. Mars is in charge of Pada 4. This pada gives this nakshatra more momentum. People born under this pada have a tendency to be extroverted and adventurous. People who fall under this group may struggle with their wrath.

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