Eastern Astrology : Jyestha Nakshatra – The chief or elder Star

Senior or chief is how the Sanskrit term “Jyestha” is translated. Mercury is connected to this nakshatra, which is controlled by the thunder god Indra. The ruler of God is Indra. This nakshatra represents politics and is linked to authority.


Indra is shown as a powerful god who rides the white elephant Ahiravat, which has three trunks, while also holding a thunderbolt. A inhabitant of Jyeshta is fiercely protective of themselves, their power, and their loved ones, just like Indra. It happens in one of the myths. 


Shri Krishna observed extensive preparations being made in anticipation of the annual offering to Indra. Krishna argued with them and inquired about their genuine dharma. Everyone must adhere to their dharma, which is farming and caring for the livestock, he told the farmers. They must carry out their duties without requesting a natural occurrence. 

That convinced the farmers, and they ceased making extra preparations for the puja. Indra became enraged by this and drowned the entire settlement. Finally, Krishna raised the mountain Govardhan and used it to shield his people from the rain. As a result, Indra conceded defeat and acknowledged Krishna as the supreme.


As the name implies, powerful Jyestha inhabitants frequently experience early maturity and have to deal with authority and responsibility. This frequently denotes a difficult upbringing. Jyestha locals may become emotionally tied to positions of power and material success in their lives as a result. 


They have a strong sense of devotion to the things they love and are fiercely possessive of them. When interacting with people in relationships or partnerships, Jyestha natives can get highly intense.

Natives of Jyestha are frequently found in top positions in the military, fire department, police, etc. They must release their strong physical and mental energies. They are both gorgeous and highly powerful. Although they typically have a lovely demeanour, they have a very short fuse.


They value their position and self-respect highly and are unwilling to compromise on either. They prefer to be in the company of like-minded individuals and dislike being around judgmental individuals.


Natives of Jyestha must abstain from drug use. The Jyestha nakshatra has a strong theme associated with it. Due to excessive drinking, they risk losing their influence and relationship. Jyestha nakshatra is divided into 4 different padas which carries the energy of 4 different planets

Divisions of Jyestha Nakshatra:

  1. Jupiter, the planet, rules Pada 1. This pada compels someone to walk the morally upright path of dharma. These people frequently hold high moral standards.
  2. Saturn is the planet that rules Pada 2. The native is realistic because of this pada. These indigenous do not have an egotistical tendency.
  3. Saturn is the planet that rules Pada 3. An individual becomes organised and sincere thanks to this pada. Most of the time, these people are drawn to helping others.
  4. Jupiter, the planet, rules Pada 4. An individual becomes beautiful and charismatic thanks to this pada. They frequently possess strong moral principles and desire to assist others.

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