Eastern Astrology : Mula Nakshatra – The Foundation Star

The Sanskrit word Mula means “The Foundation” or “The Root” in English. This nakshatra is related to the planet Ketu and is controlled by the god of procreation. The planet Ketu is linked to our ancestry or previous incarnations. Mula nakshatra stands for precisely this. 


Mula is also connected to the powerful goddess Kali, who wears a skull of heads around her neck and vanquishes all evil forces. People born under this nakshatra desire to learn the origins of everything.


The gods Nirutti, Rakhshasa, and Mahakali are among those who control the nakshatra of Mula. According to myth, the poison appeared first during Samudramanthan, when the ocean milk was stirred between demigoddess and demons. 


The elder sister of the goddess Lakshmi Jyeshta, also known as Dhumavati or Nirutti, was born from the surface of that poison. Goddess Laxmi was the complete opposite of Nirutti. She had a dark complexion, an unsightly figure, and was ugly. Laxmi was born from the same ocean shortly after Jyestha. The sage Dussaha was the husband of Jyestha. 

Sage Dussaha began to regret this union and separated from Jyeshta. Due to her jealousy, Jyestha cursed the goddess Laxmi. Laxmi felt sorry for her, gave her a special location, and made her swear. She made the decision to curse every home where hardship, loss, and sadness are not valued or respected. She made the decision to leave every home where the underprivileged are mocked.


The Milky Way’s central constellation is called the mula. The people are very connected to their former lives. The planets Jupiter and Ketu both have an impact on this nakshatra. Ketu is the planet related to moksha, detachment, and enlightenment, while Jupiter is the planet of prosperity, higher learning, and knowledge. These people adhere to their spiritual principles and follow the path of Dharma.

These locals are typically found in the scientific community. This nakshatra’s inhabitants are frequently highly furious, which makes them problematic. The drastic reversal of circumstances, from “rags to riches,” might also be brought on by this nakshatra. 

People born under this nakshatra can indulge in the finest material pleasures. However, this nakshatra’s association with Ketu might result in wildly fluctuating emotions. Mula nakshatra is divided into 4 different padas which carries the energy of 4 different planets.

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