Eastern Astrology : Pushya Nakshatra – The Star of Nourishment

The word “Push” means “nourish” in Sanskrit. Pushya is the nakshatra of nourishment as a result. Brihaspati is the deity of the Pushya nakshatra (Jupiter). A number of fire rituals were allegedly carried out by Sraddha and her husband Angira to invoke Lord Agni. Agni bestowed a gift on the lord, who made Agni happy.



They prayed to Lord Agni for a boy who would be incredibly intelligent and wise. Later, he evolved into Brihaspati, the devas’ adviser. He established himself as the Navagraha’s central figure. Devaguru Brihaspati’s wife Tara felt overlooked while he was busy teaching others and carrying out rituals for the devas.


Due to this, Tara ran away with Chandra (Moon). Later, Tara was made to return to Brihaspati, her husband. When she returned, she was already expecting Chandra’s child, later named Budh (Mercury).


Pushya’s Nakshatra is connected to Lord Jupiter. The majority of people appreciate these indigenous. People born under this Nakshatra are kindhearted, submissive, reliable, and esteemed by others. Most of the time, they come from wealthy families.


This Nakshatra is a good karmic nakshatra that aids in enhancing one’s karmas and resulting in a prosperous life. With the help of this nakshatra, a person can develop Jupiter-like traits like wisdom, compassion, intelligence, and care.


The Pushya Nakshatra is connected to nutrition. This Nakshatra’s inhabitants are nurturing and compassionate. These natives generally make philanthropists, entrepreneurs and teachers.


They might be found in the hospitality sector as well. Even at the expense of their own issues, they are constantly willing to assist others. Like their own family, they can love others. These individuals are looked upon for advice.


The nakshatra Pushya is linked to wisdom and knowledge. People can be seen pursuing higher education and earning degrees. In general, these students like school and are well-liked by their instructors.


They make excellent thinkers and teachers who wish to help others achieve their objectives. These inhabitants are naturally fortunate, which frequently makes those around them luckier.


Despite all of its positive characteristics, the Pushya Nakshatra is typically not recommended for marriage. People born under this nakshatra typically experience trauma related to marriage and parenthood. Although they are typically liked and adored by everyone, their spouse and kids do not love them. Pushya nakshatra is divided into 4 different padas which carries the energy of 4 different planets


Divisions of Pushya Nakshatra:

  1. Mars is responsible for Pada 1. This pada increases the momentum of this nakshatra. This pada is associated with extroverted and daring personalities.
  2. The planet Venus rules Pada. 2. Because of this reason, the locals are charming and engaging. The people of this pada tend to have materialistic desires.
  3. Pada 3, which is in the third house, is ruled by Mercury. This pada aids in rationalisation. These people typically have a confident demeanour and a realistic attitude on life.
  4. The planet that dominates Pada is the Moon. 4. As a result of this pada, one develops sentimentality and attachment to other individuals. They genuinely care about the people around them.

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