Eastern Astrology : Satabishak Nakshatra – The Hundred Star

Shatabhishak means “a hundred flowers” or “healers” in Sanskrit. The god Varuna rules over this nakshatra, which is linked to the planet Rahu. The Lord of the Ocean Waters is Varuna.


This nakshatra’s emblem features the cosmic water god. Varuna is seen carrying a pot in his hands that contains amrit, a nectar that can grant immortality. It is said that Varuna is a god who understands the key to eternal life. This nakshatra is linked to both science and healing.


Sage Kashyap once offered a significant sacrifice, but he was unable to find a cow fit for his yagna. So he entered Varuna’s cattle shed and stole a cow by the name of Kamadhenu. As the sage carried out his yagna, his two wives kept the cow hidden. Varuna was incensed by this and came right away to demand his cows. 


Sage Kashyap declined to return the cow to the owner. Varuna was incensed by this and cursed Kashyap, saying that his wife would lose her children and that he would be imprisoned with the cows while they were in anguish. Varuna visited Bramha and spoke with him about them. 


The sage refused to surrender the cattle as Bramha had requested. Furious, Bramha cursed the sage and the cattle. Later, the guru and his wife had children under the names Vasudeva, Devaki, and Rohini.

The planet Rahu is linked to this nakshatra. Because of this, this nakshatra is also linked to inventions, globalisation, and technology. This is one of the most significant nakshatras of our time since it relates to all forms of creation and technology.


Justice and equality are related to this nakshatra. The god Varuna, who rules this nakshatra, is thought to be awake at night. He is able to discern a person’s virtues and faults. Being neutral, Varuna bases all of his conclusions on the truth. He does not make distinctions between people based on social conventions. 


It is frequently observed that people born under the satabhishak nakshatra do not abide by the law and are in favour of doing away with outdated regulations. These indigenous people support global democracy and welfare.

The nakshatra of Shatakbishak is also a nakshatra of healing. This nakshatra is favourable for those who want to become excellent, skilled doctors. From this nakshatra, we can also see scientists, lawyers, and democratic candidates. Satabishak nakshatra is divided into 4 different padas which carries the energy of 4 different planets


Divisions of Satabishak Nakshatra:

1.Jupiter, the planet, rules Pada 1. This pada compels someone to walk the morally upright path of dharma. These people frequently hold high moral standards.

  1. Saturn is the planet that rules Pada 2. The native is realistic because of this pada. These indigenous do not have an egotistical tendency.
  2. Saturn is the planet that rules Pada 3. An individual becomes organised and sincere thanks to this pada. Most of the time, these people are drawn to helping others.

4.Jupiter, the planet, rules Pada 4. An individual becomes beautiful and charismatic thanks to this pada. They frequently possess strong moral principles and desire to assist others.

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