Angel Message Of The Day : Faith Is Knowing

Angel of Faith 


Faith is knowing all is well in the face of any obstacle before you. When you are faced with a situation that tests your limits, it seems like there is no hope in sight. The burden of the problem is a weight you need to carry all the time. Sometimes the weight gets too heavy. It does not only affect you, but also the people around you and everything in your surroundings. When you are surrounded by negative thoughts and feelings, your decisions are also hindered by negativity. That is why you have to focus on things that should matter. So that your heart and soul are only full of love and light. Strengthen your faith as it is one of the greatest weapons you will have in your life. The power of knowing that you are not alone speaks volumes about what you can do. Gather your faith and trust that all will be well in time. 


Faith is knowing all is occurring in Divine Time according to the Divine Plan for your life. When you are feeling like you are on rock bottom with nowhere to go, it is easy to lose sight of what matters. When you are in the lowest of the low situations, you can easily forget that there is a Divine Plan that is already set for us. Remember that you have to trust that things will be better soon. There is nothing that you will not be able to surpass, all of these hurdles are just part of the greater plan that is ahead of you. So do not be afraid to face the situations you are currently under, for there is nothing that you cannot conquer. 


Faith is knowing you have the choice to rise above any concerns or worries. When you are under immense stress and pressure, the weight of the world gets bigger right in your arms. Sometimes it feels like the light within us dims and there is a gap in our life that we cannot fill. Whether you are filled with regret, sadness, or even anger, there is a darkness that creeps within our lives and it will suck you if you are not wary. When you fall and you are at your lowest, you have to remember that you have a choice to stand up. You can conquer all that life will bring to you, you just have to believe. 


Faith is knowing you are loved and protected from adversity. You are never alone on your journey and path to greatness. In times of trouble, know that the Divine is with you. There is a light that will be guiding you on your way to conquer whatever you are dealing with at this very moment. Give yourself a moment to channel your faith and energy into positive thoughts and emotions. 


Faith is knowing you have free will, and choosing how to react to all that is before you. You have to remember that you will always have the choice to focus on the good side of things. When you let yourself fall into the pit of darkness, it will surround you and creep up on your thoughts and emotions. In turn, this will manifest in your words and actions. On the other hand, if you put your focus on your faith and put up all your trust in the Divine Plan you are meant to travel to, you will find peace. Your heart will be filled with love and light. Hope will conquer. 


Faith is knowing you can call upon my brethren and me at any moment to help you, we shall be by your side in the moment of the asking. On this path that you have chosen and the hurdles you are facing, you are never alone. The light within you will guide you until you reach the very destination you are seeking for. Remember to keep up the faith, so that your soul will be nourished within this journey.


Faith is rising above the chaos of others around you. Amid all confusion, disappointment, and all that is bad in the world, the hope within your heart should never waver. All will be well in time and this, too, shall pass.

Amanda Cooper

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