Finances – Be Fair. Play Fair DP

The Justice


Finances – Be Fair. Play Fair

Cutthroat and cruel. That is probably how you view the game of wealth. Everything feels like one big race to grab cash. The slow way of honest, hard effort does not seem to produce enough. Likely, you are now tempted to do what others do, to become ruthless and aggressive. You may even resort to bad practices to get ahead. But know that the Universe cannot be mocked. There is cosmic Justice at work, which forces all to play it fair. Can you really risk earning big from doing something bad? Do you really think it is worth it to cheat others to get the benefits you want? Being dishonest in your bank records may get you ahead for a while, but are you ready for what happens if you ever get caught? Doing things unfairly can get you lots of money alright, but you can lose it all in one second and even suffer once karma kicks in! Better do it the hard but fair way, dear friend. It may take time, but you will eventually get rich, with no wrongdoing on your end that can get you punished.

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