Finances – The Goal is Closer Than You Think DP

The Magician

the magician

Finances – The Goal is Closer Than You Think

Financial prosperity is your goal. You have been working for it for a very long time. But at this point you feel like giving up. The big break isn’t coming for you, that dream job seems beyond your reach, and your business or investments do not appear to be thriving. And suddenly out of nowhere, happy things start to happen. As if a Magician had cast unbelievable good luck on you, the pieces fall into place. That job you dream of, the wealth you have been working to get for such a long time, and the success you have been trying to cultivate all come to you in a flash. That is the Universe giving its reward for you. It cherishes those who pursue their goals with diligence and patience. So if something good has happened to you after striving so hard, be thankful and be amazed! That is the magic of Hard Work casting its spell on you.

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