Fire If you are in a relationship 2



You, as a fire person, are very independent, and you are not afraid to express your feelings. You like to be in a relationship with someone who is also independent, because you want someone who can understand your need for freedom and space. Fire people tend to be very passionate about the things they do, and when they fall in love with someone, they are ready to make the commitment.


Specifically, you are often attracted to other fire elements unlike with the other ones like Air or Wood. However, you tend to have problems with water elements which can lead to misunderstandings between them. In relationships with other fire element people, you tend to do whatever it takes in order to keep your partners happy. This can sometimes involve giving up some of your own time for the sake of others. If a fire person does not feel loved by their partner enough times during the day then this could lead them feeling depressed or lonely at times so it’s important for them not just because it makes them happy but also because it keeps their relationship strong as well.


You, as a person who are in love, tend to act more relaxed and comfortable around each other. You might speak more candidly about your feelings and the things you love in life. You are less likely to get angry at each other over small mistakes or misunderstandings, because you have a general sense of trust that you know will be reciprocated.

People who are in love also tend to spend more time together—just hanging out or doing things that bring them closer together. They may talk about what makes them happy or sad more often than people who are not in a relationship. They might also be more likely to share personal information with their partner, including details about their past or their family life. This could include anything from stories about growing up with siblings or parents who were difficult to get along with growing up. People who are not in a relationship may not feel comfortable talking about these kinds of things with their friends or family members because there is no implicit trust between them yet–they don’t feel as safe opening up about such sensitive topics until they’ve spent enough time together for trust to develop naturally between them over time.


You may feel like your partner is perfect for you, but something about the relationship isn’t working for you. Maybe it’s because your partner isn’t showing any interest in having a conversation about what’s bothering them or maybe it’s because your partner often seems distracted and preoccupied by other things—whether those things are work or hobbies or friends, it doesn’t matter—it just creates an uncomfortable situation where neither person feels safe enough to express their concerns or fears. These types of situations can create tension within a relationship and bring up feelings of unworthiness and distrust. If you find yourself in this position, know that there are resources available to help you work through these feelings so that you can move forward together with more confidence and understanding than ever before.

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