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Follow the middle path. Neither extreme will make you happy.


Today will bring you very good fortune, but you will have to put in a lot of actions to keep that win on your side. Taking things easy and having fun as much as you can today is the best course of action. You can anticipate a good day filled with lots of interesting activities, but be careful not to overdo any of them, as there might be issues at home or with your family members if you don’t take good care of them. You might also be fortunate in regards to money today, but keep in mind that while good fortune might occasionally come our way, ultimately wealth is earned through hard work! It’s crucial to keep this in mind because, if you do, you risk missing out on some very incredible possibilities that, if you let them, might transform your life

Moderation is the way to the middle path. Instead of being either extreme, it is a compromise between the two. The middle way encourages us to live a balanced existence that incorporates both pleasure and suffering as normal parts of life’s experiences, rather than allowing ourselves to indulge in either extreme pleasure or misery. The path in the middle is the one that should be followed. It is a symbol of practicing moderation in all aspects of life. If a person is constantly emotional or always makes decisions with their mind rather than their heart, they will never find balance in their lives. You must remember that doing this may lead you to inner-conflicts and you are unable to discover inner peace

Finding the middle ground is difficult because it calls on us to make choices based on what may appear to be common sense rather than making concessions or allowing others to make our decisions for us based on their agendas or interests. When you apply moderation to the activities of your everyday life, you will find that it not only leads to happiness but also to success. Almost every aspect of life can benefit from practicing moderation: eating, drinking, and exercising are just a few instances of how doing things in moderation can help us accomplish our objectives without going overboard or going too far. Moderating emotional activities, such as conversing on the phone or sending frequent texts to friends throughout the day, is just as important as controlling your physical activity. The same holds for adults in their daily lives. If we choose our activities wisely, we can find a happy medium between work and play, between family life and personal time, and between business commitments and social outings. 

You will discover that exercising moderation in daily activities not only results in happiness but also success. It holds in other areas of life as well: spending a reasonable amount of money on leisure activities like going out with friends will make you happier than if you spend all of your money on one activity like shopping for clothes or books every week (and then going out to eat afterward).

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