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Do not compare yourself to the best others can do, but to the best you can do!


It indicates that today, wealth is not measured by your ability to produce money or acquire stuff; rather, it is measured by your capacity to be content with what you already have.

It’s crucial to understand that contentment does not equate to being satisfied with whatever comes your way; rather, it refers to being happy with what you currently have, even if it falls short of what most people might consider to be sufficient.

Being content does not mean that you are never going to desire more possessions or material things in life; rather, it means that you will learn how to appreciate those things that you already have so that they will make you happy every day of your life. 

You have come so far with all of the struggles you have been through, and it is essential to acknowledge what you have conquered. When it comes to being content with what you have, being able to get by with less is just as crucial as having less.

It demonstrates how the ability to be content with what you already have, rather than the ability to earn money or acquire stuff, determines how wealthy you are today.

The ability to be content with what you already have is how wealth is now defined in today’s culture, not by one’s capability to make money or acquire things, which is why it’s so crucial to understand what being wealthy means in today’s society.

Your capacity to accept yourself as you are right now, without thinking that you need anything else, is the key to leading a life full of joy.

If you can accomplish this, then whatever occurs in your life tomorrow, next week, or next year won’t matter since you will already be content with who you are right now. 

The only thing that can make you wealthy is the capacity to love, dream, and hope for the future,  to be content with what you already possess, and not yearn for anything else, as well as to recognize and value the beauty that exists all around you.

Since money cannot buy happiness, the truth is that you can have all the money in the world and yet be quite unhappy. On the other side, if you know how to first build happiness within yourself, you can have very little money and still experience immense satisfaction in life.

Yet you appear to struggle with this. You are always looking for more things, like more fame, more money, and more security, but these things don’t make you happy. You aren’t even made wealthy by them! 

Your capacity to keep your attention on the things that are most important in life is what truly makes us affluent. This doesn’t indicate that you disregard wealth or worldly belongings; rather, it just means that you become conscious of what matters most in life and then put your attention on those things.

You will discover that the best that you can do is enough. At the same time, you are a fighter, and continuously working on yourself and improving yourself should be your goal.

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