Google: The union of two great geniuses sealed by Master numbers.

Google founders Sergey Brin (August 21, 1973) and Larry Page (March 26, 1973), met in 1995 at Stanford. Both 22 years old, Larry had decided to start his doctorate and Sergey was in charge of showing him the campus, this is how life unites them. However, it was not love at first sight, when the founders of Google met they were polar opposites ( Sergey a 3 and Larry an 8), arguments were frequent and not tolerated; for some reason, this usually happens between the great geniuses of history, apparently, they are doomed not to understand each other, Newton and Leibniz, Quevedo and Góngora, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. We could assume that it is just a matter of egos and competition.

Fortunately, in the case of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, fate would have them finally understand each other. And by 1996 they were already working together on the wonderful idea of ​​Larry Page (Number 3 – the idea generator) with Sergey Brin (Number 8 – The perfect structuring) as a collaborator.

Such was the spirit of collaboration that was established between the two that Larry Page’s doctoral thesis included his already inseparable friend Sergey Brin as co-author.

What do their numbers tell us?

Let’s start by knowing Who is who? individually and what is their numerical composition, we can see that both need to feel in control and will constantly seek to be right, which is why they could frequently face situations of competition and argumentation.

Sergey Brin: (August 21, 1973) | Personal Number 3

It is governed by Personal Number 3, which indicates that it has a restless, revolutionized, brilliant, ingenious, artistic, and multifaceted mind, its answers are agile and its questions penetrating, it tends to easily dominate any project, study or activity, this is an of the vibes with the most talent and ability to generate ideas and project business.

The staff Number 3they know how to become the center of everything (they know how to influence and command), they are extraordinarily creative in capturing people’s attention. So the opportunities for them will flow from different fields and levels, these natives are endowed with an extraordinary ability to create and an excellent dexterity of action, there is no task that they cannot perform, you must learn to direct their efforts in only one direction. that many times they do not know for sure what they want, but they know that they want it now, they need focus, direction, and continuity in what they do otherwise they could end up lost among their multiple ideas, talents, and hobbies and end up leaving everything to the half. So of the two partners, it will be the one who is more capable of developing ingenious projects.

Larry Page: (March 26, 1973) | Personal Number 8

He is ruled by the number 8 which tells us that his tenacity, ambition, and willpower surpass that of everyone else. This vibration gives Larry the ability to abstract himself from everything else and direct all his energy toward achieving a goal.

This number 8 endows Larry with a great need to build material security, he almost never doubts him, because he knows his extraordinary resistance and workability and his enormous power of concentration and self-control so that in each step he takes he is strategically planned to have everything under control and can play everything for everything. It is practical, constructive, and realistic and of the two partners, it will be the one who is better able to maintain continuity in the direction of the company.

The result of the union of two talents

Analyzing the case of the founders of the most popular search engine on the planet from Numerology we can use a tool called Numerological Synastry which is the perfect map that serves to observe the compatibility processes between two or more people, through this tool we can establish the interrelation between numbers of each one, and define what will mark the history of this union, as well as the way in which the energy combination will impact each of the things that they do or develop together.

So, no matter what the personal numbers of each of the partners are, what really defines the history of the union will be the Pinnacle of the combination of both and the numbers that are given from this calculation.

Well, now you know that there are unions that empower you in an extraordinary way to grow, develop, achieve success, shine, etc., and others that, on the contrary, end up hindering you, devaluing you, diminishing you, etc.

Numerological Synastry by Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Here you can see how the combination of your numbers and the scope of your potential does not matter when you manage to choose the perfect person to enhance your talents and achieve your goals with the greatest of success.

You can see in the first and second column the Personal Pinnacles of Larry Page and Sergey Brin individually and in the third column the result of the union of both and their numbers.

As you can see, in each of the positions of the Pinnacle of Synastry, Master Numbers were generated in higher octaves. (11, 22, 33, 44 and 55) which indicates to us in a decisive way that this union is not by chance and that it has a purpose directly linked to the creation of something for the benefit of the collective.

Couple 11

In this union, both come to serve as a guide for the other, they have the gift of bringing out the best in each of them and making the investigative, intellectual, scientific, and visionary side of both emerge, they flow naturally together, often seeking A progressive and advanced objectives, they communicate almost telepathically, reading the other’s mood and thoughts, without the need to speak.

La Pareja 11 represent one of the highest energy vibrations, have expertise and authority in some very specialized subject, will be of great inspiration to others through the development of social and spiritual consciousness, will be exposed to their union is highly reconocidaa for their achievements and their knowledge, great leaders, influential, cultured, fair, loyal, wise, great teachers, with great abilities, perfectionists, generous, selfless, who move and inspire others with what they create and do.

Personality / Life Path Number 44

It shows us an extraordinary life path with goals of vast personal and community scope. Great qualities of strength, magnetism, persistence, and self-control will stand out in the union, allowing them to reach the highest positions the world can offer.

Societies with a life path 44 have the ability to observe the world from above as if they were reviewing a map or a plan, and in this way, they can easily detect the needs of the group. They will know how to combine the practical with the philosophical, they have the natural ability to solve their own problems and that of others, and you know how to help others to organize themselves. They will work on methods, processes, systems that help to solve the material needs of the world, through effective and productive techniques

Destination Number 33

The Destiny Number, tells us about him. What are we together for? The union occurs, here we can review the purpose of society, what they come to do together, what learning they are developing, and where their steps will be directed for the duration of this union.

The Master Number 33 constantly appears in religion and Freemasonry, which, like numerology and the different esoteric disciplines, confer great power on the development of humanity, the vibration of the number 33 inspires other people, making them social leaders. , spiritual or great characters in search of great dreams and ideals.

The number 33 according to various experts is the master teacher. Since it encourages society to focus on opening the limitations and barriers of the world and raising the loving energy of humanity. They are not concerned with personal ambition and have great devotion to the cause. Their destiny is admirable and altruistic, they come to work for the development of humanity many times sacrificing their own desires in front of the needs of others.

Potential of this union

Thanks to this union, the transit of the totality of his earthly experience will be completed, having put his elevated consciousness and extraordinary knowledge at the service of others. Together they will be destined to leave their mark on humanity, projecting themselves in the construction of the world.

For them, the world is their home. Societies with Master Numbers when they vibrate positively come to acquire international fame since they generally cross their borders and limits, their power and influence are far-reaching, these individuals generally provide the world with progress, order, and system.

If they meet the demands of this Higher Vibration and live according to their commitment to generating a common good, their life and their actions will shine on the rest of the human community and they will be fulfilling the obligation they contracted with themselves when they planned their incarnation. current.

The most detailed and precise analysis offered by a synastry not only allows us to recognize in advance the themes, areas, and energies where the partners will present resistance or affinities but also understand the process they will go through while the union remains active.

Clarifying that there is no combination that results only in successful, beneficial, loving, harmonious, and positive things, we can understand that the relationships that we will have throughout our lives will have a purpose, teaching, and learning that will help us grow. , evolve as people and complete the mission that as souls we chose when coming to this incarnation.

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