Health – As Fertile as the Garden DP

The Empress


Health – As Fertile as the Garden

You have been married for quite a long time now. You wish for children to frolic in your home. But that wish seems to be denied to you. Perhaps you and your partner are having problems conceiving, and you are exhausting all treatments and ways to bear offspring. Despair not! Do not give up just yet! The Empress appears and is herself an omen of good. Eventually, you and your partner will find the root cause of your bareness. It may require a shift in treatments, a resort to more natural methods, or a change in fertility experts who can give a second opinion. In certain cases, it could just be your anxiousness and stress in wanting children so much that is messing with your natural cycle. So relax, and put your trust in the journey! Soon the effort that you as a couple put into starting a family will bloom suddenly like a fertile garden!


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