Health – Be Careful of Your Habits DP

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the fool

Health – Be Careful of Your Habits

It seems fun, it looks harmless when done only a few times. The only problem is when you get hooked on it, you do too much and pay for it with your body later on. Be it drinking, smoking, wild partying and videogaming, or overeating, bad habits are bad news. Time for some self-awareness; know what is already in excess. If alcohol and food are your vices, replace them with water and veggies in moderation. Get fresh air instead of that cigarette stick. When your mind is confused with all those distractions, it’s time to touch the grass and reconnect with nature. A wise man is aware of his habits, a fool does not care about the consequences. Health is built upon your good and bad patterns. You choose the ones which benefit you and replace the ones which harm you over time.  

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