Health – Illness Today is Yesterday’s Vices DP

The Justice


Health – Illness Today is Yesterday’s Vices

Are you having that nasty cough from too much smoking? Do you have a weight problem from eating too much junk food? You are having all kinds of health issues right now, and you are tempted to blame the Universe for all your suffering.  But have you taken a good look at yourself, or reflected upon your personal habits? The law of cosmic Justice is at play. What you experience today is a reward or punishment for your actions in the past. If you are now sick because of some vice you are doing, better change it! Throw away the cigs, junk food, and drink and get better stuff to feed your body with. If you want to avoid getting sick tomorrow, check your habits today. Better change them if you know they will be bad for you. It is good to mend your ways now before the nasty consequences are handed to you!

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