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The High Priestess

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Health – Listen to Your Body

Work hard. Have fun even harder. Forget about sleep, beating deadlines is far more important, and eating healthy is boring. A few aches and pains are viewed by you as distractions, killjoy even. Do you ever pay attention to them? Those are warning messages given to you by your body. The High Priestess who stands before you counsels you to heed them. Listen to what your body tells you. It is reminding you to slow down and do some serious self-care. You may be sacrificing too much in doing your work. Get some rest. All the money you acquire cannot save you if your system gets damaged from abuse. Partying too much with all its accompanying excesses? Take a break from empty fun. Take some time in peaceful meditation and returning back to healthier habits. It is during quiet moments, far away from harmful distractions, that you can actually hear the inner voice that directs you to treasure yourself more. It is when we step away from the destructive flow of daily life that we actually find better ways to live.

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