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Health – Mind Over Matter

Look back at the times when you had happy, positive thoughts. You did notice that your health was also good, that you were full of energy and not sick. Now, remember when you were feeling sad or angry within. You can see that a lot of things are acting up in you at that time. Your thoughts and feelings have power, and they can change your body for better or worse. Now if you try putting your positive thoughts into your willpower, imagine what you can achieve! Your mind charged with willpower is a source of Strength. If you will your positive thoughts into being healthy, of course, you will eventually be in good health! If you will your positive thoughts into being strong and capable, in the end, you will become that. It all depends on what you choose to think or feel about, and where you habitually put your willpower into. Your Mind, when constantly directed, has control over your body!

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